Course Introduction

The course is the distillation of how my peers and I successfully applied to Oxford or Cambridge. The wealth of subject backgrounds that have informed the course's guidance and methodology include, but are not limited to, PPE, Medicine, Law, Physics, Maths, Computer Science, Chemistry, Classics, Engineering, English Literature and Languages.

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Having reviewed hundreds of personal statements, there are some common pitfalls students fall into, which do nothing for their application and, in some cases, damage your credibility. To learn what these are and how to avoid them, sign up below and I'll be in touch with the top tips and more information about the course.

Who Is The Course For?

The course was intended to be for anyone who has high academic ambitions. The guidance provided will help you write an exceptional personal statement whether you are applying to Oxford, Cambridge or another top university, from the UK or an international student, or for the arts of the sciences.

If you are looking to overcome the hurdle of getting your statement started, discover your most impressive pieces of experience, confidently write about your wider reading, meet the application deadline without the stress, then the course will be a powerful tool to support your efforts.

Course Structure

The course is broken into seven steps, with each one including templates and a video tutorial, so you know exactly what you need to do and why you are doing it. The why is particularly important, as understanding the decision-making process of admissions tutors will help you down the line.

By breaking the course into seven pieces, you will be able to efficiently work towards your first draft safe in the knowledge that each word is contributing to the strength of your application.

Student Feedback

"As a parent and educator I wanted to find the best way to support my son’s Oxbridge application. I have found Jamie Miles' course very helpful and insightful and have recommended it to fellow parents and to the school counsellors. By breaking down the process, Jamie teaches you, step by step, how to structure all the different arguments you are bringing forward to answer the question: Why should you choose me? This course is a true writing skill building course that will serve you well beyond the scope of writing an exceptional personal statement."
– Ilaria, MBA, London

"The templates really help break it all down into smaller manageable sections as opposed to writing the entire statement in one go. Very impressed with the course :)"
– Ali, Law

"I have enrolled! Brilliant resource, and a great investment. Thank you :)
– Clare, Medicine

"My personal statement has really taken shape and feels a lot more refined and sophisticated than before!"
– Alex, Physics

"I have been following your channel and website for a few years now, and when I started I believed that the University of Cambridge was such an unobtainable and unrealistic aim that it may as well be on another planet. However I knew that I loved my subject, Philosophy, and after watching your videos on your channel, the OxVlog and your website I began to think an application was worth a go. I now have an offer from Trinity College Cambridge to begin reading Philosophy this October and I could not be happier! I wanted to say a big thank you for the hand all of your help has had in that, firstly for making me think it was possible, but secondly with all of the practical guidance you have produced over the years. I am especially grateful for the personal statement course which I used last year and have since recommend to friends! I hope that everything is well with you, I am still always excited to see what you have posted on your youtube channel."
– Adam, Philosophy, Offer from Trinity College, Cambridge Oct 2016