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Applying to Oxford, Cambridge or other top ranking universities is a rigorous, yet rewarding experience. There is the personal statement, admissions tests, and the infamous interview stage. Mix this with the myths surrounding these prestigious institutions and the task can seem daunting.

To dispel the myths and help you achieve your academic goals, the 'Applying to Oxford' series was created. Below you'll find a collection of resources created by current students to help you apply with confidence.

The material is structured by topic, with transcripts available for all videos. We recommend you watch every part, so you don't miss any tips.

Personal Statement Course

The course is the distillation of how my peers and I successfully applied to Oxford or Cambridge. The wealth of subject backgrounds that have informed the course's guidance and methodology include, but are not limited to, PPE, Medicine, Law, Physics, Maths, Computer Science, Chemistry, Classics, Engineering, English Literature and Languages.

The course is broken up into seven steps, with each step including a template and video tutorial so you know exactly what you need to do and why you're doing it. The why is particularly important, as understanding the decision-making process of admissions tutors will help you down the line.

If you'd like to get your statement finished to a high quality before the deadline this course can help.

This is important. Deciding which course is worth at least 3 years of your life can be a challenge, but get it right and everything else will fall into place.

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When studying, you'll need to pick a home. In Oxford and Cambridge, this will be a college. Each university has about 30 to choose from and they all have their quirks, so give it some thought. Everyone says their college is the best, which is a good sign that you'll enjoy wherever you end up.

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Learn the best practices for writing a UCAS personal statement for UK universities, with an emphasis on Oxford and Cambridge.

Personal statement examples:

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Admissions tests! Practice makes perfect with these, as timing is a major factor. Be sure you can get through the questions as effectively as possible, and give similar questions a go to ready yourself. Below are resources to help with humanities and science subjects.

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Oxford and Cambridge interviews have become well-known for pushing one's intellectual limits with some odd questions. Let's separate the facts from the fiction and sort out our interview technique.

If you have made it to interview, remember that it isn't a fluke. They specifically picked you, so be confident and thoughtful in your answers.

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An overview of how offers work. This will be a time for celebration or reflection. Regardless of the outcome, well done. You clearly have the determination and ambition to pursue things that mean a lot to you, and this will serve you well in the future.

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We've teamed up to answer all your frequently asked questions about applying, studying, and living at Oxford and Cambridge. 

These videos feature:

Big thanks to the above guests for helping out!

Life at Oxford through the eyes of its students. Daily uploads from different students about their work life, social life, and everything between. 

The students can answer questions that you might have about life at university, and demystify not just the institution itself but also the application process. They are not here because they are being paid, or even because they were asked, but because they all want to help improve access to Oxford, and help applicants make informed decisions about their choice of university.


No doubt you have more questions about your preferred course, application or the university.

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