Who are you?

Jamie. After becoming the first person from my comprehensive school to study at Oxford University, I have been collating the wisdom of admissions tutors and students to empower future generations to achieve their academic ambitions. To date, the content has helped over 100,000 students make their applications standout. Since graduating in 2014 with a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, I went on to work at Google before joining a startup in London to try my hand at business building.

How will I receive the pack?

It will be sent via email and contain a PDF download with some links to the video tutorials.

How has the pack helped students in practice?

I would say it is best to hear from an actual student, so below is an email I received from a young man who went on to study at Trinity College, Cambridge:

"I have been following your channel and website for a few years now, and when I started I believed that the University of Cambridge was such an unobtainable and unrealistic aim that it may as well be on another planet. However I knew that I loved my subject, Philosophy, and after watching your videos on your channel, the OxVlog and your website I began to think an application was worth a go. I now have an offer from Trinity College Cambridge to begin reading Philosophy this October and I could not be happier! I wanted to say a big thank you for the hand all of your help has had in that, firstly for making me think it was possible, but secondly with all of the practical guidance you have produced over the years. I am especially grateful for the personal statement course which I used last year and have since recommend to friends! I hope that everything is well with you, I am still always excited to see what you have posted on your youtube channel". – Adam

What is in the pack?

A written summary of my five top tips, in addition to video tutorials on writing an excellent personal statement, acing your Oxbridge interview, and maximising your score in an entrance exam. The pack has been carefully crafted according to the experiences of current Oxford and Cambridge students, and the criteria used by admissions tutors.

I am an international student. Will the pack help me?

In short, yes. The pack is designed to enable you to make an exceptional application, and has been successfully use by students from all corners of the Earth, such as Germany, Australia, India, Spain, France, Dubai, the USA, Sweden, Estonia, Tanzania, and the UK.

What else do you do?

I'm in the midst of creating a new series and ebook entitled, 'How to study like an Oxbridge student.' If you'd like to receive sample chapters and preview content, you can sign-up here. (It's a separate link to keep things organised and spare your inbox from unwanted messages.)